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Founded in 2020, Touchwood Furniture is specialized in the online sale of furniture, home decor and high-quality home and office products. We ship all around Canada. You can satisfy your personal furnishing needs and choose among over 10,000 products, manufactured by more than 250 brands - selected with a special attention to the Canadian furniture. A simple online search allows you to access the products directly, the purchase of furniture is turned into an extremely comfortable and relaxing experience. In addition, a dedicated consultant follow you throughout your order, providing you with assistance both before and after your purchase. Touchwood’s mission is to promote the beauty of the Canadian lifestyle through our carefully-curated collection of home furnishings originating from all around the world. We are honored to work with several Canadian manufacturers who has been recognized throughout United States for its luxury furnishings for more than 140 years. Many of these manufacturers produce pieces for today’s top American design brands.We are passionate about well-designed, timeless furnishings to bring the history, quality, and craftsmanship of around the world to homes across Canada..
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